‘Un Nos Ola Leuad’

The January ‘Reading Wales’ reading group had a vibrant discussion about Caradog Pritchard’s novel ‘Un Nos Ola Leuad’ / ‘One Moonlit Night’.  The general consensus was that this is an exciting text which heralded a shift in Welsh literature towards postmodern tendencies, including that of an unreliable narrator, chronological anti-linearity, and a sense of the uncanny.  Thematic contents were discussed, with particular reference to madness in a ‘gwerin’ society breaking under the strain of unattainable Nonconformist morlaity, and the disintegration of this society as a direct result of industrialisation.  The mythical, some would say, “problematic”, middle section of the text was discussed, where the narrator experiences hallucinogenic imagery of ‘Brenhines y Llyn’, but we remain perplexed as to it’s meaning!  Perhaps, this is just how Pritchard intended it to be.  An unsettling, but ultimately, exciting novel.


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